The 6 Marketing Trends You Should Care About In 2020

The 6 Marketing Trends You Should Care About In 20202020 is already here and we’re all looking forward to finding out more about the marketing trends which will dominate. After all, in order to always obtain the best results, you need to remain up to date with everything new, considering that we’re talking about an ever-changing topic.

Sure, we’re all aware that technologies like artificial intelligence or data-driven marketing will be used more than ever, but there’s one little secret we want to share: the won’t be on technology but on people

Therefore, let’s take a few moments and talk about the trends that could dominate 2020!

Better customer experience

Lately, we could observe a huge shift in beliefs regarding the actual purpose of marketing. And we can honestly say that it’s not about convincing people to buy from you anymore but about offering stellar customer experience.

Why is this happening? Well, it’s easy: this makes people come back for more not to mention that if you manage to create a positive business culture, besides delivering a great service, it could be just enough for your company!


People seem to prefer visual content more than “readable” content nowadays and this says a lot about the evolution of marketing. And it’s not difficult to understand why, as visuals are way easier to remember than regular, written content.

Think about how quick platforms like Instagram and Pinterest grew, then add the fact 62 percent of Millenials expressed a bigger interest in visual search compared to any other technology.

When prioritizing the marketing trends to follow in 2020, think about ways of integrating visualization into your strategy. You will surely thank us later.

Increased employee engagement

Ok, so we can all agree that providing some great customer experiences is mandatory in 2020 but how can you ensure you’re offering this? By having the best employees, of course!

Employees can be considered the human face of a brand so it’s essential to concentrate on the interactions between them and customers, as a key part of your overall strategy.

In 2020, think about creating a solid foundation of employee engagement and make sure everybody involved in your company understands your core mission and the values you care about.

Achieve “position zero” and own those featured snippets

Obviously, SEO will keep playing a very important role in any digital marketing strategy but it’s time to focus on two important aspects: position zero in SERPs and being present in featured snippets.

If this happens, it means that when somebody searches for your keywords they don’t need to click on your website to get the information they need, as it’s already detailed on the search engine results page. Yes, it’s not that easy to achieve, but since it’s the only piece of information a searcher will view, it’s also highly coveted.

As a side note, more than 60% the search results Google delivers consist of position zero search results. Let that sink in for a moment.

Voice Search will become even bigger

Currently, over 20% of searches made on Google are done by voice and some say that this number could get as big as 50% in 2020. We’re not convinced that this will happen but with the smart speaker business booming, it won’t be that much of a surprise.

It’s very important to optimize your content for voice search, by optimizing for different queries. After all, it will become more likely to be picked up as a featured snippet, thus helping you dominate SERPs!

Improve customer retention, loyalty, and advocacy

As mentioned above, recurring customers can be significantly than new ones. Studies have shown that it can cost up to five times more to attract a new customer than keeping a new one, so one of your main missions in 2020 should be keeping people who appreciate your brand close.

Think about personalization when communicating with your client and offering the best experience. By doing this, you can end up with real brand advocates!

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