Why You Should Have A Mobile App For Your Business In 2020

Why You Should Have A Mobile App For Your Business In 2020How many times have you heard “there’s an app for that”? Probably quite a lot, since mobile apps are already considered one of the best tools for reaching the audience when it comes to business. After all, a big percent of the adult population has a smartphone and this number is expected to grow seriously in the coming years so why not exploit this?

If you ask us, this should be a powerful enough argument to consider developing an app for your business, but if you’re still not convinced, let’s take a few moments and discuss a few more reasons.

It’s an efficient marketing channel

Mobile apps are among the most efficient marketing instruments, being able to attract attention to the brand, through various campaigns. Therefore, they will expand your potential audience, but also develop a trusting relationship with your current.

And let’s not forget one important aspect: just launching the app is a big marketing move, since it allows you to make some buzz around your business, but also receive important feedback from users. The latter is essential, as you can use all the information you gather to improve the app and, in the end, your product or service.

It increases customer loyalty

It really doesn’t matter what your business’ app actually does. Whether it’s booking tables, ordering what you’re selling or just consulting a catalog, its biggest power is the ability to increase loyalty.

We’re talking about taking advantage of personalization tools and send those who have the app on their phone notifications about what you’re currently offering, like special campaigns or discounts.

But that’s not all!

Mobile apps are also a great way to make those who have it installed feel special, by giving them access to exclusive bonuses or offers.

This will only strengthen their relationship with the brand and, why not, turn them into real evangelists.

It increases sales

Now, let’s be honest. A lot of the current apps are made to generate a new stream of income. And depending on how large the targeted audience is, this stream can get pretty big as well.

As mentioned above, push notifications can be one important tool, but the truth is that mobile apps offer way more possibilities.

For example, if you are selling products, you can send special offers, through push notifications, to those who are close to your store or office, using geolocation. Plus, you can also integrate mobile payments within your app, as a lot of people prefer shopping online, while at home, in order to save time.

And when you’re offering exactly what your customers need, at the right time, they are way more tempted to buy!

It provides valuable insights

And finally, we shouldn’t forget about what can be considered, from a specific point of view, priceless: the information you can collect.

Nowadays, data is everything. And being able to gather information about those who are using your mobile app is extremely important.

Whether it’s how much time they spend on the app, what features they used the most, what products or services they are interested in or, generally speaking, their behavior can help you understand how you can improve it and provide a better user experience.

Understanding your customers or potential customers is a key concept, no matter your business’ niche!

Sure, it’s easy to say that having mobile apps is great for all businesses, but building the perfect app is not exactly easy.

If you’re looking forward to launching one but need help, the team at IB System is at your disposal.

With over 25 years of experience in software development, apps no longer have secrets. Schedule a call, let us know what you have in mind and we will turn your idea into the mobile app your business needs.

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