Reasons why your business should be migrating to Office 365 nowAs soon as Office 365 was released in June 2011, numerous articles and blogs were published online. Many of these blogs focused on the reasons why organizations should opt for Office 365 migration. Even as business owners are planning to leverage technology, applications like OneDrive, SharePoint, and Skype for Business are something the staff should use. But, availing the features of such softwares should be the main reason for the migration. So, with this in mind, let’s look at the reasons why entrepreneurs should migrate to Office 365 in the modern world.

Enhances productivity
If you are thinking about Office 365 migration, then your staff can be a bit more productive. Since the software offers cross-platform support, users would always be able to access documents from computers running on Windows or Mac OS. Moreover, they can review the documents from smartphones running Android and iOS. This actually helps when companies allow employees to use their own devices rather than managing tasks from their personal computers.

As employees are able to access documents without any hassles, they can edit and save changes from any location. This means that they don’t have to be at the workplace even when they have to deliver something urgent. Moving ahead, the entire team can keep a track of everything through the collaboration features of Office 365. Everyone would be working on the same document or spreadsheet without generating a new version at every instance.

Offers options for deployments
Office 365 can be deployed through numerous ways depending on the Office 365 migration timeline or the security needs.

>> When you need to consider on-premises deployment, then the plans related to Business Premium, ProPlus, E3 or Office 365 Business can be easily deployed once Office 2016 is installed on different computers. This turns out to be helpful when the overall expenses and scalability is taken into consideration.

>> As far as cloud deployment is concerned, this is the most common method related with Office 365. You need to connect with an experienced IT professional and migrate back-end services like Sharepoint and Exchange over the cloud.
>> In case you prefer cloud deployment, then organizations are capable to deploy the software over the cloud as well as on-premises. For instance, the organization can think of integrating Office 365 with SharePoint or on-premises Active Directory services.

Helps to manage costs
In the past, many companies had to go for one-off purchases as they increased the employee strength. But, whenever employees quit their jobs or the company is planning to reduce the number of employees, Microsoft wouldn’t accept the software and give a refund. In such a scenario, the cost can’t be recovered and would be considered as sunk cost. On the other hand, migrating to Office 365, offers a flexibility of managing costs with a structure that could be predicted ahead. You only have to pay for what you use. This is applicable to the Client Access Licensing costs associated with Skype, Exchange or SharePoint. In fact, preparing for Office 365 migration is the best option when you are familiar of the cost structure.

Offers access to the latest version
Once you have availed the services of Office 365, you can use the latest version of the application. This is far different from what it was earlier. At that point in time, you would have to purchase new licenses if new versions of Office have to be used. Moreover, you have to go for the maintenance of Software Assurance agreements from the team of Microsoft.
If you don’t know what Software Assurance is all about, then it’s nothing but an insurance policy. This helps organizations to take the advantage of Microsoft products without the need of buying new licenses. But, since Office 365 gets updated regularly, you don’t have to think about its maintenance.

As you plan for Office 365 migration, make sure you select the right option. You may either opt for a cloud-based solution or a hybrid deployment option. In case you face issues, then you should contact the technical team immediately.

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