6 Ways that Tableau Can Help Change Your Business

6 Ways that Tableau Can Help Change Your BusinessEvery day the world changes, new smartphones are introduced, new smart refrigerators developed, the world continues to become more digital with every passing day.
A lot of data is created daily right from the search data we browse on the Web, purchases we make using credit cards to data collected by fitness apps. There are so many data collection activities that take place in our personal lives.

And so, everybody is interested in making meaningful use of this data. Companies want to mine the data and predict consumer behavior.

Well, but it’s not easy to make sense of such kinds of data unless you have incredible tools such as the Tableau. Tableau is a business intelligence software that allows you to see and understand data. Business intelligence software can turn to be cumbersome if not designed well, however, the design of tableau is to offer users easy time to interact with it. Clients are getting excellent results from Tableau. In this article, we share with you 6 ways that tableau can help change the way you carry out your business.

1. Prepares your data faster
If you are working on Spreadsheets, you will need to compile all the data. Spreadsheets require you to depend on text-based and wizard’s commands to build charts and create reports. In case you have multiple systems running, you will need to export and import data from each system into one sheet before you can analyze the data. This makes the whole process of analyzing and visualizing your data tiresome. Well, Tableau automates all these processes for you by connecting any data source to its system. Tableau eliminates the waiting time of receiving answers by collecting and preparing it automatically. It’s much faster and to collect data using Tableau.

2. Collaborate with your members
Whether you are at home or in a business conference and you want to update your data on the spot, Tableau is the software to help you. It also gives you the chance to collaborate with your team, contractors, and clients by making data visualization process accessible and meaningful. With Tableau, you can share raw data securely from anywhere with the help of a shareable link. This way, collaboration becomes easy making decision making process simple and faster.

3. Make better decisions
It’s hard to make better decisions by just staring at graphs and numbers. Dashboards simplify complex data analysis because of the way the data is presented and how quickly it pulls together information. Tableau allows you to put your business data in a single location so that you can quickly look at it anytime you want to. Tableau dashboards feature at-a-glance views that give you the chance to identify trends immediately.

4. Create better Visual images with your data
Let’s just say it. Spreadsheets and reports make it hard for humans to process information since human beings are hardwired to synthesize information visually. Visuals are essential since they can be used to tell a story and interpret your data. Compelling visuals enhance presentations, marketing, reports, sales meetings and things like decision making. Having better visuals gives you an added advantage on your audience. If you’ve complex data, presenting it with spreadsheets might not work. You must be able to explain the data in a manner that everyone can understand.

5. Reduce the workload of your IT department and saves a lot of your working hours
Your IT department is meant to spend time on other aspects of your business and not writing reports for your business. Save that time by using tableau in your business. Allow your sales and marketing team to pull down any data they need about the company in a one-screen dashboard with just a few clicks. With Tableau, information that would take more than 12 hours to extract, prepare and present now requires minutes rather than hours to complete.

6. Take advantage of visual story telling
Did you know that your data has a story? Do you know how best you can narrate the story? Tableau is the easiest software to take your raw data and present it as a story. It gives you the ability to guide the user from one step to the next, allowing you to take your audience through discovery or demonstrate a trend you learned while analyzing data.

Tableau is an excellent BI software that makes data visualization easy. It makes you want to apply your data to the decisions you have made daily. And if you would like to learn more about setting it up or you have questions on whether it might be the best tool to use in your organization, reach out to us today. We are always glad to help you.

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