Cloud Email – A Beginner’s Guide

Cloud Email – A Beginner’s GuideJust two years ago, it was reported that almost 90% of the companies that took part in a worldwide survey were using on-premises email, instead of making the step forward and opting for cloud email.

Nowadays, for most of them, email is pretty much the most important component service provided by IT. However, it was observed that there’s a trend among organizations to move to cloud-based email for the past period, and this is definitely a sign of progress, as there are major benefits associated with switching to this type of service.

If you’re part of a company that is still waiting for the perfect moment to make the switch to cloud email, we’ve put together a short list with a few of the most important benefits, in an attempt to convince you that the future is in the cloud.

It allows you to save money

Probably the most important feature of this service is that it’s a subscription service model, meaning that it provides significant cost savings for implementing, but also maintaining the environment.

After making the switch, you basically get rid of the large capital outlay you’ve been using and convert your email to a monthly (or annual) operational cost.

No uptime problems

Using cloud email you will notice a serious uptime improvement, which allows a more optimal email usage. Since most cloud-based email providers are relying on multiple redundant sites, but also because the data is kept in the cloud, the entire organization will enjoy better uptime, as well as disaster recovery response times.

It’s simple to administrate

Another advantage of this switch – probably among the ones you’ll first notice – is that it’s very easy to administrate your email system. You won’t need to worry about issues with version control, neither maintenance issues that can come up. Keeping it short, all your administrative needs will be simplified.

It comes with improved security

When using cloud email, all your corporate emails will be stored in an off-site, highly protected location. This means that they’re more secure than if they were when you were using on-premises email services.

A cloud-based email provider is able to allocate more resources to securing facilities than most other organization out there. Basically, if you make this switch, you’re also taking a step in the right direction of further securing the company’s data.

Everything can be accessed from anywhere

Probably one of the most important benefits of cloud services is the ability to access files from anywhere. With cloud email, your remote workers can check their email anytime, no matter their location, thus making them more productive.

There’s a current push for mobile/remote workforce, so this type of email is definitely a plus if you’re following this trend. Basically, everything you need is an internet connection and you’re ready to go. And your remote workers will definitely be happy with this.

Obviously, these are a few of the most important benefits of using cloud-based email solutions. We shouldn’t forget that there’s no need to hire dedicated IT staff to manage all servers, not to mention that you don’t need to purchase software either and everything is completely scalable.

If your company is also interested in making the switch to cloud services – email, particularly – but feel like you don’t have all the information you need, our recommendation is to ask a specialist.

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