7 Digital Transformation Trends To Follow In 2019

Seven Digital Transformation Trends To Follow In 2019As the end of the year is getting closer, we’re taking a few moments to think about what 2019 could bring us in terms of technology.

Obviously, as technology keeps evolving, we’re looking forward to seeing some impressive digital transformation trends next year, but the question is: are we actually able to predict what the next year could bring us?

We tried to make a few predictions ourselves, based on what’s happening right now and what trends are being more and more present in our daily lives. Curious about what we thought? Stick with us for a few more minutes…

People will finally understand blockchain

2018 was all about cryptocurrencies, ICOs and this somehow new concept called blockchain. However, most people found all these ways too complicated, but we expect at least a few companies trying to build a plug-and-play version that anybody can understand.

Big names like IBM promised to unravel the potential of blockchain beyond cryptocurrency, while the financial industry is also looking at blockchain closely, so, most likely, developers will continue working at realizing its potential next year!

Augmented reality will gain more and more traction

Augmented reality has been around for a while and companies are already using it, whether it’s for presenting their services or advertising. And there are actually several use cases for this technology, so don’t be surprised if AR development will significantly ramp up in 2019.

And we kind of expect something amazing from a few brands next year, in terms of AR. We’re looking at you, Apple.

Chatbots will be everywhere

We’re absolutely convinced by this one. The technology powering chatbots reached new levels this year, but we’re expecting a complete revolution in 2019. Huge progress is constantly being made and experts believe that 40 percent of large businesses will adopt chatbots in the following 12 months.

More devices to be connected

That’s right, we’re talking about the Internet of Things. In 2019, we’re expecting to see it working alongside technologies like artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, and Edge. As the number of connected devices grows, it’s obvious that we need more space to process data. Cloud is a good solution, but the world needs something even better. And this “something” will surely appear!

5G networks will become something common

We’re already in that point where we can start seeing 5G everywhere, as companies like Qualcomm, Intel, Nokia, Samsung or Huawei are considering this technology, so these are exciting times for mobile users.

In 2018, fixed 5G built a foundation, but in 2019 we are going to see 5G finding its way on your mobile phones.

GDPR’s impact will be bigger

Despite the risks they’re exposing themselves to, 1/3 of companies are still not compliant with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation. As a side note, around 1000 news sites in the United States can’t be accessed in Europe right now.

In 2019, informed customers will start caring much more about protecting their date, but also the companies who don’t do this.

Companies will hire for digital transformation

CEOs are expected to step up next year, as employees are craving to see digital transformation start at the very top of the company, without delegating the IT department to do this. Hiring people for this will become a priority, as they will be aware of the critical nature of building cultures that can change, but also learn to trust data more than ever before.

We, at IB Systems, as big technology fans, we’re looking forward to seeing these digital transformation trends gaining traction next year. In our mission to help companies expand their online presence, we’re always using the latest technologies, so no matter which trend will dominate 2019, we will surely exploit it to the max, in our clients’ advantage.

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