Angular Material, The Main Solution For Creating Good-Looking Apps?

Angular Material, The Main Solution For Creating Good-Looking Apps?To start with a short presentation, Angular Material is one of the most popular third-party package used by Angular enthusiasts to ease-up the entire development process by reutilizing common components, such as Cards, Data Tables, Inputs and many more.

There’s a quite impressive list of available components, not to mention that it keeps growing with each day!

When building apps using Angular Material, they will actually be a collection of components. Also, instead of building your own components from scratch, things are way easier, since you can leverage using Angular Material, which gives you the possibility to use – and this is our favourite part – ready-made styled components, with Material Design written all over on them.

As a side note, Material Design is what Google uses for Android, not to mention that it’s a favourite among developers, mostly because it looks very good.

In order to start developing using Angular Material, there are a few general steps, as it follows:

  • Setting up the environment
  • Creating your Angular Project
  • Installing Angular Material
  • Configuring the theme for it
  • Create the Angular Material Gesture
  • Add some Material Design icons

After these steps, you are technically ready to start creating the apps. Therefore, you move on to the next stage of the development process:

  • Importing Material Components
  • Add the navigation bar to the app
  • Handle the Flex layout with Angular
  • Add more features to the app
  • Define routes for the users
  • Focus on enhancing the amount of data within the app
  • Secure your app
  • Enable data deletion
  • Enable data input

And you’re pretty much getting close to finishing your first app using, of course, Angular. At first, by simply looking at the steps you need to follow. Still, it’s far from being easy, as you need proper experience and development skills.

If you don’t have these – or just lack time – you can let professionals do it. IB Systems USA’s team is backed by more than 20 years of experience and front end development using Angular combined with Material Design has no secrets for them. And getting in touch regarding this can immediately confirm their expertise.

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