How To Update Your Website Design

How to Update Your Website DesignYour website, no matter how long ago it was developed, can stand to be updated. Even the best websites could add something or tweak it a bit. You may think that your content is astounding and that is what your site really needs. However, if your website is an eyesore to look at, your visitors will notice.

Your website may need to be thoroughly revised. You will be astonished at how much revamping the website can enhance your traffic. Replacing colors or themes helps tremendously! By improving your site, your visitors will be more likely to visit more.

Mobile-friendly sites are a must for anyone. This is because well over eighty percent of all people use mobile devices to search for products and services. When you think about how eighty percent of all internet users own a smartphone, it really puts things into perspective. Each year, mobile web usage grows by almost sixty percent. At this time, over half of all internet users prefer to use some sort of mobile device to search on.

You may wonder how you can tell if your site is mobile-friendly. If you do not have mobile navigation, it is not mobile-friendly. You should also check your button and link sizes. If they are too small to be clicked on, then your site is not mobile-friendly.

Google also has a mobile page speed test that can be used. If you get a low score on it, you should really consider making your site more mobile-friendly.

It is only natural to question how your website relates to others that are in the same profession as you. And really, this is smart thinking. Look at different websites that are in the same niche as you. An example of this is if you sell shoes, you could look at other shops online that sell sneakers, high heels, or other types of shoes.

You should also look to make sure your site is ranking well. Some of the things you can search for include the name of your business, what your niche is plus the exact location (for example: sports sneakers, Tampa, Florida), and your name. It is also worth it to do a search on your niche and an alternative location if you have one.

Are you getting leads to your site? If not, there are some things that you need to think about. Does your contact form work? Are people able to access your hours of operation? If needed, can they schedule an appointment on the website? Does the website have any bugs on it?
Can the contact information be found easily? One easy way to overcome this is to make sure that your contact information is listed in more than one spot on your website. Your clients or potential customers should never have to search for a long time to find ways to contact you.

Look at your website with fresh eyes. Does it look cluttered? Or does it look clean and polished? Chances are if you answered it has a cluttered look, your customers think this way as well. They may just end up moving to another site if it is hard for them to navigate on the site.

A factor that many hate when it comes to websites are ones that load too slow. It is estimated that forty percent of people will leave a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Almost half of all people expect that a website will load in 2 seconds or less.

If your website is loading on the slower side, consider checking one of the following:

  • How fast your hosting company is
  • How many plugins you are using
  • If your site uses music or videos when loading
  • Are large images that are compressed being used on the entire site
  • Are there errors in the script that will slow the site down
  • Browser caching is not leveraged
  • You use built-in flash for your site

If you are considering redoing your website design, you may wish to consider hiring a professional website design team. These teams can help you understand why your website is slow loading, or if your site is too cluttered. A website design professional will be honest about your site and be able to give you insight on what your website really needs.

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