How to Get Better Social Media Results in no Time

Ways to Improve Your Social Media ResultsNo matter the size of your business, social media presence is mandatory nowadays. Besides maintaining an informational presence on at least one channel – Facebook, in most cases – it’s an excellent way to keep in touch with possible clients and quickly respond to any concern they have. Obviously, let’s not forget about one of its ‘biggest powers’: the ability to attract new people, who can contribute to the growth of your business!

Still, it’s not that easy as some people may believe…

At a first look, consistently engaging with your followers on social media, as well as gaining new ones, resumes only at posting content from time to time. But it’s way more than this, as a simple post can’t do everything.

We’ve put together a short list with a few principles you can follow in order to get better social media results in no time and see your follower base, as well as engagement, seriously growing.

Spotlight your customers

It is well known that for some users social media works as a way of gaining recognition and attention, so in this case, your social channels should be one of the places where customers can achieve this goal.

How can you use this in your favor? Well, start with tracking all your social media mentions and share them. Yeah, it’s that easy!

Each time a customer posts something on a personal profile and mentions your business’ name, share it on your brand page. Besides showing your followers that real people actually appreciate the brand, it also helps customers gain the recognition they’re after and provide a quick feeling of fame.

Ask for advice

Once again, it’s all about customers. Even on social media, they want to feel that their voice matter, so it’s your mission to build a sense of trust and appreciation.
Responding quickly to any question they have is somehow mandatory, but when you ask for their advice and input on products and services, they will surely be appreciated. And your engagement numbers will also skyrocket!

Whenever you must take an important decision in your company, regarding a new product, for example, ask your social media followers to act as a buyer and offer their feedback.
It was proven that this practice creates a harmonious relationship with customers, not to mention that they will feel like an important part of the business.

Offer some free stuff

Everybody loves free stuff, including those following you on social media. Whether it’s a product, a gift card or a simple couple, they are always welcomed, no matter the business.
In order to engage with your social audience and generate great engagement, organize giveaways from time to time or even more complex contests, offering some of your products or services as prizes.

As a side note, several companies reported that organizing smaller contests more often, social followers end up returning on the page more often, in order to try their luck again. If you can replicate this, with a minimum investment, you can say that you found the winning formula and your engagement rates will be a living proof.

As you can see, implementing these social media practices doesn’t require huge investments, in terms of financial resources, but the results can be impressive. Just make sure that you put together the right message, appealing to your community and you will definitely be surprised by your social media results.

If you’re not familiar with social media, but still want better results, IB Systems is always happy to help. Providing IT and network support services to Tampa Bay local small businesses for more than 20 years, they have all the experience needed to take your social media game to the next level.

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