How To Use A CRM System For Your Small Business

How To Use A CRM System For Your Small BusinessWhen it comes to implementing systems within a business, there’s no doubt that customer relationship management is among those with ridiculously big importance. Actually, it can be considered as important as the employees, not to mention that it can have a long-term effect bigger than any other team member.

According to a recent study, companies that integrate a CRM system into their strategy can obtain sales increases of up to 29%. But still, let’s not forget one thing: a system can be just as valuable as the information that goes into it. That’s why today we’re taking a few minutes to talk about how you can use a CRM system and obtain real-time data from it!

Make sure it’s simple

Some employees could be skeptical about the idea of using something new and, at a first look, complicated. After all, it involves tracking too many pieces of information.

But the truth is that a CRM system needs just a few types of data. To be more specific, we’re talking about prospect information, when somebody talks with the client last time and what was the topic, a follow-up date and action, who is in charge of the prospect and, of course, the value of the opportunity.

You need to make sure that everybody involved in using this system is aware of how easy to use is!

Integrate it with your company’s systems

This is essential and, unfortunately, a lot of people ignore it when starting to implement a CRM system.

Before doing anything, just try answering this question: is the system complementary to what the company is already using? Can data be imported and exported from the CRM system? If the answers are something else than “yes”, then you might want to reconsider your options.

Prepare your team

Since we’re talking about a big change, one that can have a huge positive impact on your company, it’s mandatory to prepare your team for this.

Show them how to use the new CRM system, even from mobile devices, like smartphones or tablets. Also, keep an eye on those who learn its secrets instantly, as you can turn them into real CRM advocates. And don’t forget about rewarding those who manage to use the system at its full potential. They can become real examples for the rest of the team.

Don’t forget that the CRM is there!

We know, this may sound unusual, but it’s difficult to get used to using the CRM system in the first place. And, at least during the first weeks, your team can actually forget to treat the CRM as the only repository they should be using for history. Therefore, it’s your job to remind them about using it!

Emphasize the idea that nobody will get credit for something they have done if it’s not written there. And, as an executive, you need to lead by example and be the first to use it!

Use it for reports

Finally, let’s not forget that one of the main reasons why you’re acquiring data through a CRM system is to use it wisely, in your company’s advantage. But this can’t be achieved without reports.

Questions like how did a sales rep performed, is it possible to hit sales targets or just finding new sales opportunities can be found just by carefully analyzing all the information provided by the CRM.

It’s crystal clear that such a system can bring a business several advantages. But, at first, it needs to be carefully configured, to make sure it matches the organization’s needs.

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