Less Development Time, Better User Experience – Agencies’ Focus For 2020

Less Development Time, Better User Experience - Agencies' Focus For 2020Despite developing advanced websites, alongside fool and apps, for both and internal and external use, governmental agencies are also facing several problems. Integrating with legacy systems, as well as following specific guidelines regarding security and software are just some of them.

But this isn’t the biggest downside, as such organizations can benefit from low-code tools, suitable for improving the overall custom software development process. After all, reducing the need for coding and doing things more efficiently, in less time, can help agencies provide better and better services.

In fact, these low-code tools we are talking about are excellent for streamlining government technology, but also secure and improve it.

Let’s go a bit deep into the subject and see what are some exact advantages of these tools, shall we?

It speeds up the development process

The government is currently using a combination of proprietary, open-source code, as well as mixed source code for their custom software development needs. The biggest advantage of this approach is that there’s no need for specific code development. But there are some exceptions.

For example, some app design and functionalities require custom coding. Whether we’re talking about color, style or anything else a website needs, it should be created according to specific guidelines.

Therefore, through custom code solutions, developers can respect all requirements, even the smallest of details. And this is where low-code solutions come in, in various forms and providing various user experiences, speeding this entire process.

It increases the user experience

Let’s put it this way: governmental agencies are looking forward to serving the people and offering a better experience on portals is one of their goals.

Since low-code solutions allow even non-developers to contribute to achieving this, using them is basically a way of increasing the agency’s team size. But this is not everything.

These solutions give developers increased amounts of flexibility when it comes to making changes, as they don’t have to build everything from scratch. And this automatically means saved time, thus allowing them to focus on details able to have a big impact on user experience.

It maintains a high level of security

Low-code solutions put a big accent on security, compared to pure-core ones, which leave agencies vulnerable to attacks. And this should be one big enough reason for agencies to rely on them.

This is one of the main reasons why vendors have entire teams dedicated to maintaining a high security level for low-code apps, constantly examining and looking for potential exploits, but also provide agencies with additional support.

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