How Should IT Support Be Offered During The Lockdown

How Should IT Support Be Offered During The LockdownWhile many businesses move their activity online during the lockdown and everybody is working remotely, in an attempt to stop the coronavirus from spreading, there are a few activities that still require the actual presence of a person to complete them. One of them is IT support, whether we’re talking about troubleshooting or hardware issues.

Fortunately, as long as you respect a set of strict rules, IT support can be done professionally, while maintaining social distancing between employees and professionals. Let’s take a few minutes to discuss this, shall we?

Make good use of appointments

This is, by far, one of the most important measures of the moment. Let your clients know that you work strictly by appointment and nobody should stop at your location without prior scheduled approval.

Additionally, you should provide a timetable with all the available times, in order to make sure that you can serve as many clients as possible!

Designate drop off/pick up equipment

Yes, your aim should be to serve as many clients who need IT support as possible, but let’s not forget about the safety measures the current situation requires.

Before starting to schedule appointments, set up a specific drop off/pick up location, preferably within your business’ HQ, where clients can leave their equipment and pick it up after it’s fixed. By doing this, you’re contributing to safe social distancing, so require to control the number of coronavirus cases.

Clean equipment before handling it

While handling the equipment you receive, you can, indirectly, get in contact with several people. And that’s not quite what you want right now.

We strongly recommend that you clean everything you receive, making sure that all surfaces which can be cleaned with antibacterial substances are disinfected before you start working. Also, wearing gloves while performing IT support is more than a great idea!

Keep your workspace clean

Finally, as an IT professional, your workspace will constantly interact with equipment coming from various environments. That’s why you should consider keeping these surfaces clean and disinfected as well.
It has recently been discovered that the COVID-19 can live for about 24 hours on cardboard and even up to 72 hours on stainless steel and plastic surfaces. This is why we just can’t stress enough how important it is to make sure that your workspace remains virus-free.

We know, it can be a bit stressful to respect all these rules carefully and make sure you never forget anything. However, do remember that everything you are doing is for your own safety and also for your clients’. It’s the only way to keep the business rolling and generate an income during these difficult times.

At IB Systems USA, our teams of IT support specialists, based all across the world, will always make sure that the above-mentioned measures are carefully respected while offering the same top quality services you’ve been used with!

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