Why NAP Consistency Important For Law Firm Local SEO

NAP Consistency For Law Firm Local SEOIf you are working with your local law firm SEO, you must have come across a term called NAP. NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number. This is one of the more significant things you are going to need for ranking high in the SERPs. NAP accuracy and consistency have several benefits apart from the obvious one that it helps customers find your company. There are three important things associated with law firm SEO viz. on-site SEO, off-site SEO, and local SEO. Here are some benefits of NAP consistency.

Better search engine ranking

After you have understood the meaning of NAP you also must learn why it is so important. Inaccurate NAP means that not only your customers cannot find you but you are losing out on important business opportunities. As many other sites will be using this info for their sites, it is a good idea to take the time and ensure that these records are carrying your recent and updated NAP information. If the NAP information is incorrect rest assured that it will affect the ranking for your law firm. Search engines will pick the discrepancies and lower your website’s ranking in the process.

NAP and GMB (Google My Business)

The most significant citation you can set up for your law firm is in GMB or Google My Business. It is one thing you need to claim and take the time out for filling in the info accurately. You will need info such as photos, business hours, and your logo in this place. Keep in mind that many citation aggregators will pull the info from GMB. Therefore, you need to add as much info as possible in this place.

Geo-targeted searching

As we know, there are three main aspects involved in law firm SEO viz. on-site SEO, off-site SEO, and local SEO. Significantly, you are striving for NAP consistency for all the citations used on the web. It will help a great deal in improving your ranking in the SERPs. For instance, if somebody enters the query, “personal injury lawyer in Tampa, FL”, the citations listed from different directories must make sure that your law firm is appearing in the described location. If your firm is located in Chicago, it will not show up while looking for a law firm in Tampa.

Proves the legitimacy of your law firm

It is up to you to establish the legitimacy of your law firm. When you are looking to acquire new customers and trying to make your way up the SERPs, NAP consistency is crucial. The best way of doing this is by improving the local law firm’s SEO citations. It needs you to provide the law firm’s details out there in as many legitimate places as possible. Likely, your competition has already done this for their firm.

Customers will not be able to locate you

If you have NAP consistency problems, your clients may not able to locate you. They will move onto your competitors in this case. By taking the time out to make sure that all your info is correctly entered right at the first attempt, you are ensuring that you do not have to worry about people not finding you.

Sometimes possibly, you do not have the desire or the time to go through the search engines and find out about your NAP consistency situation online. If you are looking for professionals to build the citations in Tampa, FL area, you can get in touch with IB Systems USA. They can get this work done for you. By using professionals, you can ensure that your law firm SEO is built correctly and problems are all cleaned up.

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