Important Reasons Why Small Businesses Need A Website

Reasons why you need a websiteThe holiday shopping season is estimated to be great as each year for small businesses. Cyber Monday or Black Friday usually see an increase in sales for online retailers by over 15% Year on Year. Surprisingly, only 51% of small businesses have a website and 97% of customers search online for products and services. Hence, there is a disconnect between the growing number of customers relying on online presence and small businesses having websites. As per estimates, small businesses or companies are losing substantial business by not having an online presence.

Small businesses not only sell their products and services through their website but can distinguish themselves from other competitors. It becomes more important for customers to rely heavily on the Internet to search for information about a company. The website thus becomes a crucial platform for businesses to share information, build credibility, and stand out in the competitive marketplace. As per reports, 97% of small businesses that have a website recommend other small businesses to launch their website. Several reasons make establishing an online presence important. Some of those reasons for such strong recommendations have been discussed below.

Get More Business
Around 88% of small businesses having a website agree to have done better business because of their online presence. Customers today are doing online searches regularly to find a company and learn about their business or services. As the online search environment becomes more competitive, content plays a crucial role. Google constantly revamps its algorithms to improve the experience of the users searching online. It includes rewarding websites providing their visitors with useful content and a better user experience.

It means when a user looks for a particular product or service that is offered by a business, your website needs to show up in the search results. If you fail to do so, there is every possibility that you will miss out on a potential sale.

Improve Credibility
Social media plays a vital role in building your brand presence. However, you are restricted by the platform in terms of its process, technology, and website design. Having a website can help small businesses to increase control, credibility, branding, and flexibility. As many as 84% of customers in the USA believe that a business having a website is more credible compared to the one having a social media page. Increasing credibility and attracting new customers is much easier when you have a website.

Get More Customers
The success of an online business is dependent on the company’s ability to bring new customers. Reaching millions of customers isn’t possible through traditional marketing methods like print advertising or direct mail. These are expensive and unreliable methods compared to online methods that require you to pay less for the exposure you get. Research suggests about 77% of small businesses believe a website is the best way of getting new customers.

Besides getting more customers, a website helps in better serving your existing customers. Customers can access business information around the clock and hence it improves customer interaction. It allows you to have additional time to focus on other business priorities. For instance, a branded email helps in starting effective email marketing. You can also expect to drive traffic back to both your online and offline sites to boost customer loyalty to your brand.

Grow The Business
Small businesses focus on expanding in the market and reaching new customers. Although face-to-face interaction is important, word-of-mouth publicity gives you a chance to promote your brand among thousands online. Your e-commerce store can help in selling items and shipping products to customers across the world.

Better online presence also increases your visibility as a customer in a neighboring city or state learns about your services online. As many as 81% of small businesses in the USA believe that a website helps in growing their business. Their website can help in reaching more potential customers and opportunities.

Gives Competitive Advantage
Internet is used by almost 93% of customers the in US to research before purchasing a product or service. Customers prefer having information before purchasing as it helps them in knowing what to buy and where to buy. If you don’t have a website, you might lose customers to businesses that are already taking advantage of their online presence. In the case of direct competition with other businesses having a website, you are completely at the risk of losing a customer to them.

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