Site Speed’s Influence On SEO

Site Speed’s Influence On SEOOk, so your brand new website is finally ready and you are really proud of the way it turned out. Not to mention that great content you have on your blog and all those goodies you’re offering to new subscribers. But unfortunately, there’s one thing that any visitor notices first: it takes ages to load.

Like, seriously, what’s up with that website speed?

It’s a real shame to have such a great looking project, with awesome content, but visitors are frustrated with how long it takes to fully load.

This scenario is pretty common nowadays, as a lot of website owners tend to ignore the importance of loading speed!

Visitors, as well as Google, don’t like slow sites

Besides being a bit annoying to wait more than just a few seconds until a website is ready to go, it can also affect you, as the owner. In the end, every second counts and conversion begin to drop with every second longer.

And wait, we’re not done yet.

Google made it official: website speed is a ranking factor. Therefore, being slow can affect your SERPs.

Even more, just a few days ago, the latest Speed Update was released, making site speed a ranking factor for mobile searches as well. The tech giant mentioned that, at least in a first phase, it will affect solely very slow sites, while those who are already quick and smooth won’t receive an SEO boost. But still, this will surely change in the near future!

Ok, but does speed actually impact a website’s performance?

It’s simple. The bigger a site is, the more resources it will need. And this includes loading time.

In order to achieve the best results, start with improving its structure, getting rid of old and outdated posts, then finally invest in a good hosting plan, which won’t cause you any problems.

Faster website = higher conversion rates

Simply put, when it comes to website speed, you should have a unique – and otherwise simple – goal: having the fastest one in your niche. It’s all about being faster than your competitors!

And have a solid SEO strategy, obviously.

To better understand this, let’s take one of the best examples: an e-commerce site.

If it takes more than 10 seconds, let’s say, to full load, it won’t do you any good, not to mention that any potential buyer will hit that ‘Back’ button or even close the window in no time. Then go to a competitor.

Besides this, a slow site doesn’t inspire any trust and brand loyalty. And you’ve been there yourself. Remember the last time when you lost your patience because a website was taking ages to load? The same thing happens when somebody wants to buy something from you and the process is not fast enough. They just quick and start looking somewhere else.

We know, it’s easy to say “speed up your website and your SEO will get better”. But you know what’s the good news? There are a lot of tools which you can rely on in order to do it. And using them is far from being rocket science!

On the other side, you can leave this to professionals, while focusing on developing your business.

IB Systems provides complete search engine optimization services, whether we’re talking about on-site actions – including skyrocketing your website’s speed – or off-site actions, generating quality backlinks and mentions! Everything you need to do is provide a few keywords and information about your website, then leave the pros handle everything.

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