Significant Email Marketing Trends For 2021

Significant Email Marketing Trends For 2021In the recent past, we have seen the rise of many omnichannel automation tools that can be used for marketing communication. However, emails remain the most popular way of communication going into 2021, and email marketing is likely to see a rise in the upcoming year. Although the rise of communication apps and Chatbots was cited as email killers, it is not the truth in actual practice. There are massive numbers of people out there that use emails and this number is only expected to rise. This has attracted the email marketing experts in a big way to target the huge audience to drive their targets. Let’s check out the expected email marketing trends for 2021.

Extra or hyper-personalization

Due to the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, different brands have become hyper-sensitive against the deployment of older email marketing tactics. Some creative marketers are even experimenting with coronavirus-proof email systems for increasing their marketing outreach. Hyper-personalization can be one of the ways of creating one-to-one contacts. Experts opine that it has the potential to make a significant impact on your customer experience. The emphasis is on imparting significant info about the product to the client. The main target is delivering an experience that will improve the chances of converting the prospect into a buyer. Hyper-personalization means,

  • Reduced efforts.
  • Offers relevant info.
  • Saves time.

Interactive email marketing

The interactive emails permit the users to interact with the clients by using the content within them. Some reports indicate that if you have a video in an email, it increases the chances of clicking by 300 percent. It allows you to stand out from the crowd. A good example can be some shopping business offering to add the product directly to the shopping cart eliminating the requirement of the client visiting the landing page, then analyzing the product on offer, and then adding it to the cart. This improves the conversion rate and paves a way for a hassle-free shopping experience for the users. Interactive email marketing works similarly to social media and it can also engage different customers similar to social media.

Automation for email marketing

Using automation for email marketing raises the chances of converting the customers and also boosting their retention. Automation also integrates personalized and tailored emailing into a strategy. For marketers, it is an effective method to use targeted emails depending on consumer insight for both acquiring the clients and transforming them into loyal ones. Some ways of implementing this method are,

  • Sending a welcome email for introducing the product to the prospect. A lot of such emails are opened.
  • Send recommendations based on earlier buying records and related products.
  • Offer discounts, coupons, and other giveaways for the loyal fan base. Almost half the customers wish for promotional emails from their preferred brands.
  • Send the clients renewal subscriptions/update carts/re-buy products reminders.
  • You can also think about re-engaging the inactive customers because many of the small businesses depend on emails as the main method for acquiring new clientele and retaining them.

Go mobile

Almost 60% of the emails sent are opened by using mobile devices. Around 75% of Gmail users make use of mobile devices and half of them are likely to delete emails if they are not optimized for mobile devices. With smartphones becoming a used item for everyone, 2021 is likely to have greater email marketing and mobile optimization. People that used to work on desktops for completing their tasks earlier will now be able to complete them by using mobiles.

The various email marketing trends for 2021 show that this way of communication keeps on showing terrific resilience to the changes. It is also showing the capability to meet the ever-changing requirements of customers in the dynamic digital landscape. If you need professional help to develop and implement an internet marketing strategy you can contact IB Systems USA especially if the business is operational in the Clearwater & Tampa Bay, FL area.

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