Benefits Of Moving To Cloud-Based Emails

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud-Based Email Have you tried a Cloud-Based email service for your organization? As per a survey conducted in the year 2016, it was found that over 90% of the companies surveyed were using on-premises email. Today email is one of the most important component services for most businesses. Despite on-premises email environments or third-party hosted email solutions being the widely used services, there has been a sudden surge in organizations moving to Cloud-Based emails recently. There are numerous benefits of using this service and we have discussed some major ones below.


Cloud-based email being a subscription service model offers significant savings to implement and maintain the environment. Moving to Cloud-based email lets you get rid of the large capital outlay and convert your email to a monthly or an annual operational expense.

Scalable and Flexible

Cloud-based emails are scalable and allow you to increase your email capacity without doing major changes to the existing environment. Increased scalability ensures that your organization experiences simplicity of adjusting the user license counts, compute capacity, and adjust storage capacity based on specific needs.

Improves Uptime

Uptime is the next benefit of Cloud-based email that allows better email usage. As most Service providers are using multiple redundant sites, and data gets stored in the cloud, an organization experiences better uptime and disaster recovery response times compared to organizations using on-premises solutions.

Simplifies Administration

The administration of your email system is simplified after moving to a Cloud-based email system. You don’t need to worry about maintenance or version control issues that might come up. Like all web-based applications, Cloud-based email simplifies administration needs.

Improves Security

Using a Cloud-based email system lets your corporate emails reside in an off-site and highly protected location which makes it more secure than on-premises services. Cloud-based email providers such as Microsoft devote more resources to secure their facilities compared to smaller organizations.

Offers Remote Access

A Cloud-based email system gives your workers remote access to use their emails from wherever they want. This increases productivity and supports the growing trend of remote work in most organizations globally. You can access Cloud-based emails from anywhere in the world and any time during the day. You only need an internet connection to access it. This benefit is highly appreciated by most remote workers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud-Based Email

After reading the benefits above, you must have understood if Cloud-based emails can be useful for your organization. We have summarized some advantages and disadvantages of this system below:


  • Doesn’t need the hiring of any dedicated IT staff for managing internal email servers resulting in substantial cost savings
  • Scalable and flexible based on your needs. Scaling or downsizing is possible with a few clicks on your system
  • Advanced security as Cloud-based emails is always up-to-date with the latest security features and patches
  • There is no need of purchasing software unless you look for a front-end redundancy
  • Email is stored in the cloud means if a system goes down, it is still backed up
  • Easily integrate mobile devices in your workplace
  • A service-oriented model helps in creating a better service relationship compared to typical sell and forget software


  • Regular costs per user which adds up over time
  • The Cloud service provider is responsible to secure your service and offer information to secure it. Opting for an unreliable service provider might mean you do not get access to information that you should have.
  • Cloud-based email means you have limited physical control over your emails which means you should be picking a service provider that you can trust.

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