Advantages Of Office 365 Migration

Advantages Of Office 365 MigrationThere has been a growing trend toward businesses moving away from the conventional email environments to Microsoft’s Office 365. The software is changing the businesses’ work these days. After its release in 2012, Office 365 has grown from being another productivity suite to one of the more dominant software in the category. Its capability to integrate with cloud-based services has opened several new doors for several businesses in terms of collaboration and productivity. Even though many companies were hesitant in the beginning to embrace the next generation of MS Office, the reality is the there are several benefits associated with Office 365 migration. Here are some of them.

1. Flexible working hours from anywhere and from any device

Office 365 migration permits your employees to access the company files away from the office without having to set up the VPNs, and it saves time and hassle. If you move to the cloud your employees can work from any place if they have access to an internet connection. It is terrific for progressive companies permitting their employees flexible working hours for better productivity. Because your files are centrally located in a data center owned by Microsoft there is a single data source available. If you make any changes to a document from home your colleagues in the office will get to see them. The days of emailing the new versions of data by using excel documents are gone.

2. Business data is secure

There are several security features associated with MS Office 365 that will make sure that the business remains secure in the Cloud. The applications of Office 365 can be accessed via TLS/SSL encryption. This ensures that if the files and communications are intercepted with malicious intent by someone, he will not be able to read them. MS continuously monitors their systems by performing regular security audits and they are constantly on the lookout for suspicious activities. They have a strong incident response protocol in operation. Other security benefits with Office 365 migration include,

· Updated antivirus signatures.

· Email protection from anti-virus software and anti-spam and malware filtering.

· Computing security measures trusted by MS.

3. Instantaneous upgrades and access available to the new features

As mentioned earlier MS is committed to making sure that your business is secure with the Cloud. Instantaneous updates are provided for all Office 365 solutions. You may avoid the need to go through the continuous cycle of having to update the business software manually. Be assured that the network is not susceptible to people looking to exploit older versions. You will also have access to the new features whenever they are launched permitting your employees the use of newer technologies for improving their productivity.

4. Greater mailbox storage

All businesses have a mailbox storage capability. No matter what the nature of the email is, the message remains in the inbox even in case it is spam and can be easily deleted. This may result in issues for the in-house servers and they can have their storage filled with old files that are not required for the present functionality of their business. If you can perform Office 365 migration it provides your employees the opportunity to maintain their files and emails safely within the cloud. Office 365 has a massive storage capability. It is also possible to automate the whole back-up process so that there is no need to spend time on it for manual working.

Many options become available with the Office 365 migration. You can also find the MS Office 365 partners providing advice on the situation you are facing. If you live in Clearwater, FL area you can get in touch with IB Systems USA for further advice about Office 365 migration.

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